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“Working with Cipher Collective on all things social for our biggest campaign of the year was definitely the right move. We blew away all our social targets and drove 10X the pageviews to our microsite. Expanding our social resources with Heidi and team allowed us to better plan, organize, and deliver a consistent flow of quality content before, during, and after the campaign. All and all, it had a huge impact on our overall brand presence.”

— Janelle Donovan, Sr. Director of Marketing, Demand Generation at ServiceMax

“We brought Cipher Collective on to help moderate the large volume of conversation happening across the Levi’s social properties. Because the role required direct one-on-one consumer connection, it was important to find people we could trust to act as an extension of our team. They delivered on this by providing consistent, on-brand communications with our fans, and were very easy to work with!”

— Kiira Mancasola, Global Social Marketing Lead at Levi-Strauss

“Cipher Collective is a pleasure to work with. They grew our Facebook followers by 14% during the first quarter working with us, and by 60% over the last 11 months. Organic and social outreach, and follower growth were a main focus and Cipher Collective nailed it! I hope to work with them&nbsp again;in the future.”

— Maryam Motamedi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Apps at TheFind

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Our Services

Digital Marketing – We develop & manage viable strategies to empower your business online & offline:

  • Social Media – We take a deep look at your social media potential and then create a measurable strategy with original content that broadens reach and increases brand awareness.
  • Community Strategy & Management – We set our clients up to succeed with community programs, brand messaging and event strategies that will delight, engage and ultimately grow communities.
  • Branding – We manage your brand voice, look and feel to connect you with your desired audience.
  • Media Planning – We have the expertise and media relationships to assure our clients successful online advertising campaigns; be it, display, content, PR, video or social.
  • Web Development – Let us build your website from scratch or save what works and remodel your existing site.
  • SEO/SEM – We create website copy optimized for organic search (meta tags, Web pages, articles, blogs, forums posts, online reviews, and content strategy).
  • Graphic/video Design – We create professional-looking, creative and engaging assets for your website, social channels, and other marketing collateral.

  • Brand Consulting 100%
  • Marketing Campaigns 100%
  • Social Media Activation 100%
  • Web Development & SEO 100%

About Cipher

We are a group of online marketing nerds, designers and developers that work with companies who don’t have to be convinced of the value of digital marketing. Like us, they already know that all it really means is meeting consumers where they live: online and on mobile. But maybe they’re frustrated by the high cost and time investment of figuring out which channels and strategies to invest in and why. Leave that to us – we know how to identify solutions that will make you the most profitable and map out a clear plan to success.

Our team is lean, but expandable, willing and able to mold to your needs by drawing on the half century of collective experience between its core members, or bringing in marketing experts in whatever discipline you need. Our networks are deep and vast, our knowledge is multi-faceted, and our creative instincts are legion.

From the Blog

Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

Facebook now favors video updates in Newsfeeds, and average over 1 billion video views per day. Last year, Buzzfeed scored over a billion video views per MONTH, leading them to launch the new Buzzfeed Entertainment division, led by web video impresario Ze Frank. Listicles are so 2015….video ads are now delivering the hype. And thanks to their ever-evolving algorithm, Facebook reach has plummeted to a dismal 6% (according to this Social@Ogilvy study). But here’s a happier stat: 1.65 BILLION people are watching video on Facebook everyday Those of us who follow such things surely noticed the high number of mentions of online video marketing in those ubiquitous Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 published last January. I don’t know about you, but we paid attention. And we came to the conclusion that video marketing is the new social media, in a sense. With both digital trends, companies were initially reluctant to recognize and admit that they needed to include them in their marketing, or risk getting left behind. Both were seen as time-consuming and slow to generate ROI. This is no longer true, of course. Companies can use instant gratification platforms like Vine or Snapchat to generate videos for their brand, or find increasingly affordable outsourcing options like Humblee or VeedMe (full disclosure: Humblee is a client of ours). These serve as a kind of matchmaking service between companies and a vetted network of videographers and producers – awesome! Or there’s always platforms like Typito (which is subscription-based), a sort of Canva for online video that lets you craft videos out of standalone images or video clips, or use... read more

Brand Copywriting: How to Get it Right

Marketing copy that grabs your attention is either effortlessly cool or unbearably cringe-inducing. Hubspot recently profiled a few companies who are getting it right and also distills the learnings from each great copywriting example into some actionable tips. We’d like to share some of our own thoughts on how to consistently write great marketing copy that hits all your goals: to grab and hold your target audience’s attention amidst all the other social noise, get them interacting with you on social channels, and keep them coming back for more. Ultimately, we hope this relationship-building is also leading toward more lead generation, more sales, and more brand awareness of your products/services, but first things first. While it’s true that other forms of media are successfully grabbing the lion’s share of consumer attention (Vine, SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram), the written word will never lose its impact.  Especially when it comes to translating your brand vision, voice, and mission. What’s a picture of a Nike shoe without the tagline “Just do it”? It’s fantastic to show all of this through great video campaigns and the perfect graphic image, but we think the combination of showing AND telling is where the lasting power of brand messaging lies. As the Hubspot blog puts it, The continuity of a brand, despite the advent of new media, hangs on the tenor of a singular voice. The B2C Marketing Voice: Selling a Brand Vision Some of the most successful brands out there (Red Bull, Levi’s, Xbox, Nike) know exactly who their audiences are and how their interests align with the brand’s vision. They’re not going to waste their... read more

Pinterest Guided Search

Pinterest’s new search function, Guided Search, is meant to help you explore the network, “whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re just starting to look around.” If you want to simplify sifting through Pinterest’s 750 million boards and 30 billion pins to find the right inspiration; Guided Search is your answer. We’ve taken a detailed look at Pinterest’s Guided Search to find out how to get the most out of this feature for our client’s brands. Even if you aren’t a dedicated Pinner, we recommend checking this out — join us on a tour below. Guided Search As shown in the video above, Pinterest’s Guided Search helps you distill search results by providing suggested keywords and categories when you enter a search term on Pinterest. If you’re like us and use Pinterest for exploration and discovery more than finding specific  things, you should find Guided Search helpful in turning vague searches into inspirations. So for instance, if you’re interested in buying a distressed West Elm farm-table with matching pastel benches, then Google your heart out. If you want to make a rustic farm table from garage sale finds, Pinterest will give you a nearly obnoxious amount of inspiration. How it works Type your search term into Pinterest’s search bar and you’ll see “Guides” pop up below the search bar, which helps find keywords to add to your search. Guides are scrollable — just click on the arrow at the far right of your display to see additional options. When you click a Guide, you’ll automatically add it to your original search query. Then a fresh set of... read more

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Founded in 2014 by Heidi Anspaugh (Sony, The Find, Levi’s) and Douglas Keeney (Wells Fargo, ServiceMax), we staff social media professionals in Portland, San Francisco, and virtually.